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I believe in proper punctuation.

I believe that there's a difference between an insight and an anecdote.

I believe social media is fundamentally transforming business, but the change has just begun.

I believe in investing time developing a great idea before worrying about execution.

I believe that I can help your company tackle its toughest marketing challenges.

The Game has changed, permanently.

Gone are the Mad Men days, when all that a brand needed was a breezy TV spot with a snappy jingle.  The pace of technological change and the splintering of media presents new and serious challenges for even the most astute marketer.  So how best to navigate these waters?

The market is rife with social media enthusiasts.  The barriers to entry are low.   But being active and adept at social media isn't the same as having a firm grasp on how brands are established and communicated.  Brands need to first develop a business strategy and then figure out how social media plays into it.  This is what I believe and I'm sticking to it.